Dressing the Dead: Leather Shoes from St. Mary’s Parish Church Kilkenny. Published in the Newsletter of the Archaeological Leather Group, Newsletter 50, September 2019. Introduction St. Mary’s Parish Church, is located in the […]

Dressing the Dead

This post was originally planned several months ago but ended up on a back burner somewhere. Anyway, now it is being dragged into the light of day on this beautiful, sunny, spring morning. […]

Medieval Wooden Last Replica

The excavations at Chancery lane produced a total of 15 Brogues and 15 Shoes in both children’s and adult sizes and some of these have featured in previous posts. In all there were […]

Hybrid Shoe from Chancery Lane

This particular project took a long time to finish – the stitching is very tricky! I originally began it about 2 years ago when I decided to make a new scabbard for my […]

Dublin Leather Scabbards – DLS 294

I have been holding this post to co-incide with the Experimental Archaeology conference EAC 10 which is currently underway in Leiden. Most of the replicas I make are essentially experimental in nature rather […]

Early Medieval Irish Shoe

In my post on the Anatomy of a Brogue from Chancery Lane I may well have chosen the most difficult example to work with – a case of Murphy’s Law! As you can […]

Making a Replica Chancery Lane Brogue: 2

I was in correspondence with Bob Greesh in the US before Christmas and we discussed the scarcity of accurate info for making quality replica footwear for depicting Irish Kerns of the 16th century. […]

Making a replica Chancery Lane Brogue

I originally started this particular replica several months ago and it has been waiting patiently ever since to be completed. The reason for the delay – tunnel stitching! All I can say at […]

York Style 1 Shoe – 10th century