Medieval Wooden Last Replica 1

This post was originally planned several months ago but ended up on a back burner somewhere. Anyway, now it is being dragged into the light of day on this beautiful, sunny, spring morning. It is Phase 1 of a project I have had in mind for some time namely, to replicate some of the boot finds from Drumclay Crannog. However, before I could start with boot-making I needed a last. For this, I turned to my old friend Declan Kenny, a skilled woodworker, traditional pole-lathe turner and as it has turned out, medieval last maker.

Declan’s brief was short and sweet – “could you make me a copy of a last if I give you some photos and measurements”? “No problem” was the answer. Then followed some lengthy discussion on how best to approach the project using the lasts from Deer Park Farms and Drumclay Crannog as guides. Once Declan was satisfied with the details he set to with his trusty axe. The photo sequence which follows give you a good idea of the process involved in replicating an early  medieval last for a modern size 10. My thanks to Declan for his skills.












As you can see in the last two images, the materials for Phase 2 are lurking in the background. To be continued………………………………….

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