Mill Street News

The Mill Street finds have been fairly run of the mill – lots of cobbling waste from 19th and 17th century contexts. The usual triangular shaped off-cuts and strips and then a bag containing this:

IMG_6756 (1)


As you can see from the photograph the bag contained four items: a cut-down left quarters, a small heel-lift, an incomplete stacked-heel with clear traces of red and tan pigment AND a roughly A4 size panel of crumpled and dirty leather which after careful washing turned out to be a book-cover.

The impressed lines and stamped motifs are suggestive of a mid 16th century date for the cover’s manufacture.


Possible outline of a missing decorative metal panel with retaining rivet hole.


Edge of cover.


A visit to the Russell Library in Maynooth scheduled for today. Their collection holds mid-sixteenth century books with some similar motifs on the leather covers.



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