This is the first in a series of posts in which I plan to describe the making of replicas of the various sheath and scabbard types recovered in the Dublin excavations and published […]

Dublin Leather Scabbards 1: DLS 213

  This particular project is by way of testing an interpretation of a find I recently had an opportunity to examine. The original was about 60% intact and in a very fragile condition […]

Handbags and Gladrags

In the previous post, It’s a Kind of Magic,  I mentioned there were significant differences between this shoe and what is known as a Lucas Type 5. The drawing as published by Lucas […]

It’s a kind of magic – making progress

It’s been a busy time since the Last Post of 2016. A report on the hidden shoes from Aungier Street and an article for Archaeology Ireland on the Mill Street finds. Now for […]

Pass me a bottle Mr. Jones…………..

And what have you done?  Well, it’s been a busy year on the shoe finds front beginning with a major report on the large assemblage of leather finds from Drumclay Crannog, near Enniskillen […]

And so this is Christmas

I have recently been working on a collection of leather finds from the Coombe area of Dublin for Claire Walsh. It’s a mixed bag of material and includes both medieval and post-medieval footwear. […]

Early Seventeenth Century shoe