I have recently been working on a collection of leather finds from the Coombe area of Dublin for Claire Walsh. It’s a mixed bag of material and includes both medieval and post-medieval footwear. […]

Early Seventeenth Century shoe

A replica pair of Lucas Type 1 one-piece shoes.   A figure on one of the panels of the Cross of Muiredach at Monasterboice in Co. Louth is depicted wearing a pair of shoes […]

Lucas Type 1 Replica Shoe

In my previous post I mentioned the need to turn the shoe after the stitching was complete. If you have ever wondered what is involved the following pictures will give you an idea.

Turning a shoe – no bother…

This shoe was the subject of a find report for TVAS in 2008. Although the shoe is called after its find location, it is typical of a style of footwear which was widespread […]

The Annaholty Bog Shoe Replica

The year 1660 was a momentous one in these islands. In May of that year, King Charles II returned from exile to take the throne again. Samuel Pepys writes of the event and […]

Buckle my shoe

The visit to the Russell Library in Maynooth College yesterday proved most useful. Many thanks to Assistant Librarian Barbara McCormack for taking me through the intricacies of sixteenth and seventeenth century book-covers and […]

Mill Street News 2

The Mill Street finds have been fairly run of the mill – lots of cobbling waste from 19th and 17th century contexts. The usual triangular shaped off-cuts and strips and then a bag […]

Mill Street News

Back in the early 70’s I took the number 17 bus to UCD Belfield every day. It meandered its way through the suburbs of Dublin passing the imposing gates of Rathfarnham Castle. Little […]

Rathfarnham Castle Finds Report

Hi, my name is John Nicholl. For about 20 years now I have been researching the history and archaeology of leatherworking in Ireland as well as writing specialist reports on various leather finds which […]

Brogues and Shoes – communicating Archaeology